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Damp and Structural Investigations

Atlas Restoration's specialised investigative team will survey:

Penetrating or rising damp, weather ingress, condensation, residual moisture from insured losses - Atlas Restoration can help in all damp restoration.

Atlas Restoration's expertise encompasses a wide range of investigative equipment and techniques to allow a clear understanding of the property and any restorative measures to be determined.

Standard Analytical Protocols:

Moisture mapping, both structural and environmental

Remote monitoring of structure and the environment

Damp thermal survey 

Salts analysis

Invasive visual inspections


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Certification and Accreditation

British Damage Management Association         

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was established in 1995 with the aim of providing property damage and structural damp issues, adapting Professional Service proven by our professional body Certificate in Mold removal, damp investigation, and property water damage inspection. Our team have decades of experience and use the latest technology, see our gallery

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